I have been trying to get to this weight for 2 years now and finally reached it!  One year later and it is still off.  The 10 day transformation is amazing!  Not only did I reach my goal weight; I gained back my energy! Thank you!

Giovanni Natale, Certified Casting Instructor

I just wanted to thank Anita Duwel for her guidance and support...living well and doing the CORE3 program is changing everything about how I feel, my energy level, and my focus.  Awesome!

Bonnie Mitchell, Centre Director, NOVA
Bob Thomas

Anita's workshop, Building Healthy Workplace Habits, has helped me bridge the gap that many of us face when trying to maintain healthy and active living habits while working at "desk jobs" that tend to pull us towards sedentary habits. Anita has shown me how to integrate very concrete, healthy behaviours into my daily work life that have allowed me to build and maintain a solid base. Whether it's tips on healthy snacks, stopping to attend to mindfulness and breathing at work or the encouragement to always advocate for a healthy work life. Anita has been a great coach and inspiration. I'll never forget training with her and other colleagues when we took on the challenge of the Défi Pierre Lavoie, a 135 km cycling event. It was the epitome of a healthy workplace! That first event has spawned others throughout our organization and Anita was a huge part of that!

Bob Thomas, IT Coordinator, New Frontiers School Board
Louise St. Aubin-Garai

I found that the 30-day challenge created an awareness within myself of what I do well...and what I don't do so well. It has motivated me to get a FitBit to help me assess my level of activity. This, combined with the ideas and suggestions for the 30-day challenge, will go a long way in helping me maintain a healthy life style. Motivation, encouragement, judgement free, and simply connecting with others throughout the days goes a long way in changing mindsets.

Louise St. Aubin-Garai, Teacher, NOVA Career Centre

I loved the 30-Day challenge! It truly motivated me to push myself a little harder every day. I felt better and was proud of the little accomplishments made each day. Thank you Anita for encouraging us to better ourselves!

30-Day Challenge Participant

When I started for the FOHE program I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am so glad that I decided to sign up! The program helped me to identify my food related challenges and work on them without cutting out all the food I love. I am walking away from the program with so many more tools (and a water bottle!) to continue living my 80/20 lifestyle!

Vanessa Walker, Focus on Healthy Eating Program
Nichelle Hocaloski, Focus on Healthy Eating Program

I signed up for the FOHE program with Anita because I was fed up with going on and off diets.  My energy was up and down and I figured there had to be a better way to tackling my health and wellness.

This program helped me by teaching me and showing me how I could make lifestyle changes one small step at a time. It showed me how to be more mindful with my eating habits and believe me I was never mindful before doing this program!

Now, I have many strategies at my side that I could put into practice to ensure that I continue on my healthy lifestyle journey.

One thing I liked was Anita’s approach.  She was very supportive and motivating. And shared so much with us.  Anita helped us to see where we are personally at and then guided us onward from that point.

I also liked the Facebook group as it was nice to share and motivate each other.

I would highly recommend the Focus on Healthy Eating program!

Thank you Anita!

Nichelle Hocaloski, Focus on Healthy Eating Program
Yasmine Zitouni, Focus on Healthy Eating Program

Six weeks for a lifetime change! Anita is informed, dynamic and endearing. I actually lost 3 lbs during the program! Not a diet but a new way of thinking about eating and living a healthy life.

Yasmine Zitouni, Focus on Healthy Eating Program