Not only does the workplace affect the well-being of the worker,
but the health of the worker affects the success of the organization!

Welcome to Workplace Wellness!

We work a minimum of ½ of our waking hours! We are spending more time at work than anywhere else.

Therefore, my goal is to help organizations develop a vibrant, healthy, and engaged workplace by providing support, resources, programming and motivation that will empower employees to take the steps needed to live a more balanced, healthy, and productive life.

When this is accomplished, you will boost your reputation as a place where others want to work.  Retention of employees will be better and you become the employer of choice!

A vibrant, successful company needs to have healthy, happy, engaged employees. It is crucial to have programs in place that address health, wellbeing, and productivity.

In today’s fast paced, technological work environment, we are working through breaks, lunches (grabbing something quick), sitting more, staring at a computer screen, and using up all of our mental energy that we are drained when we get home in the evening.

What happens at work has a direct impact on our overall health and wellbeing.  We are seeing more evidence of work related physical and mental stress leading to higher absenteeism, less presenteeism and mental health problems. Which in turn may put a financial burden on the employer.

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Employer Benefits

  • Enhanced employee morale, job satisfaction, and teamwork
  • Engaged employees and increased productivity
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Improved attraction and retention of staff
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced presenteeism
  • Better management of an aging workforce

Employee Benefits

  • Increased awareness and knowledge of ways to maintain/improve health
  • Reduced workplace stress and workplace injuries
  • Increased energy, vitality, and resilience
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved team relationships
  • Reduced personal health care costs
  • More relaxed and flexible view on personal health issues

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What others are saying!

Bob Thomas

Anita's workshop, Building Healthy Workplace Habits, has helped me bridge the gap that many of us face when trying to maintain healthy and active living habits while working at "desk jobs" that tend to pull us towards sedentary habits. Anita has shown me how to integrate very concrete, healthy behaviours into my daily work life that have allowed me to build and maintain a solid base. Whether it's tips on healthy snacks, stopping to attend to mindfulness and breathing at work or the encouragement to always advocate for a healthy work life. Anita has been a great coach and inspiration. I'll never forget training with her and other colleagues when we took on the challenge of the Défi Pierre Lavoie, a 135 km cycling event. It was the epitome of a healthy workplace! That first event has spawned others throughout our organization and Anita was a huge part of that!

Bob Thomas, English Montreal School Board
Yasmine Zitouni

Six weeks for a lifetime change! Anita is informed, dynamic and endearing. I actually lost 3 lbs during the program! Not a diet but a new way of thinking about eating and living a healthy life.

Yasmine Zitouni

I loved the 30-Day challenge! It truly motivated me to push myself a little harder every day. I felt better and was proud of the little accomplishments made each day.  I felt better and was proud of the little accomplishments made each day. Thank you Anita for encouraging us to better ourselves!

Anonymous - comment is from post survey