Hi! I'm Anita Duwel

Wouldn’t you love to feel amazing all the time; have the energy to do what you want; and keep your health at its optimum?

My goal with this site is to show you how you can make small, mindful, lifestyle changes that will do just that!

Who Am I?

Great question! I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Workplace Wellness Consultant, Entrepreneur, and a Blogger! My mission in life is to help others feel good about themselves - body, mind, and spirit.  

There is nothing like it when all three are working in synergy! 

I decided, I had to make some lifestyle changes that would allow me to be able to do what I can with the most energy possible and leave time to enjoy myself as well! My health became very important to me. I wanted to be able to play with my grandchildren (still waiting), travel, do fun activities with my children and my partner, and just feel really good!

There is no need to be extreme!

I am far from perfect and will indulge (cookies are my thing!), miss that walk or workout every now and then or even slouch on the couch. But, now in my wisdom 😉, I have come to realize that as long as I am eating well, moving most of the time, and taking care of me life is really good!

Balance is the key!

My Story

I have been a very competitive person: 3 time world champion in dragon boating, top 5 in Vegas at an international figure competition, and women's B provincial champion (90 competitors) in golf.  All of this after the age of 45!  I have been involved in competitive sports from the time I was 8 years old and loved it. My knees are paying the price now!

My diet, training, and mindset all played a role in my ability to achieve what I achieved. And it sounds great. But, it was not all perfect! As an event ended, my weight would start to creep back up, my mood would start to dip, my body started to feel bloated and out of sorts, and my weight climbed!

Then I would decide to 'go on a diet'. Of course when I went off the diet, the weight all came back and then some! I would obsess about my weight, what I ate, and whether I trained or not. It drove my family crazy!

So, I decided to further research nutrition in order to learn what works and doesn't; what is a myth and what isn't; how it affects our body, mind, and spirit; and what a true lifestyle would look like.

This led me to my Holistic Nutrition Course and to a better understanding of what balance means.

Then, within a year, a couple of friends of mine (both in their 50s) were diagnosed with cancer and they fought hard but could not beat it. This pushed me even further to learn more about the powerful effects of nutrition and decided that I needed to make some lifestyle changes. I needed to accept me for who I am and enjoy life to the fullest.  

I wanted to Love the Life I Live!

I needed to start today and not tomorrow!  One step at a time!

I have done endless research on health and wellbeing and everything points to incorporating a whole foods, high nutrient diet; managing stress and anxiety; having positive relationships; and becoming mindful of everything - what we do, eat, think, and feel!

My MISSION is to help you achieve your goals and empower you to make the right decisions so that you can overcome any of the struggles you may be going through whether it is your health and wellbeing or financial freedom!

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